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UI/UX Design

The goal of UI / UX design is to channel your users’ intent effectively so they can get precisely what they want without confusion!.

Web Development

From design to coding and cms, the detail will make the difference on your website!

E-shop Development

If you are thinking of starting a new online business, we are here to help. Prepare properly, you will need to work hard too!

Digital Marketing

How important would a website have without traffic? With the right strategy and targeting, you will see your business performing!

About Us

Our creative and enriched team is full of new ideas. We are a dedicated team that focus on branding, design and web applications. Our pleasure is to present, bring to life and share with you, new customized ideas and web development solutions and also to ensure the best visibility and a good monitoring to your offers and products. Inside the magical world of technology and the endless possibilities of web design, we advise you the suitable strategic approach of your project of creation to define with you the specifies and objectives. What makes us great and distinguished? This is a far from simple question to answer.

Creative solutions
Web Design
Graphic Design
Content / Copywriting
Google Adwords
Video Production

Production Process

Initial Strategy

One the most important factor here in NexusLab is strategy, because without strategy you can't control the big game, the game of life.


In the beginning your first step must be the establishment of your goals. Then you have to decide what kind audience you want to attract as you continue comes the life of your site that's the most important piece of the puzzle, the impression that the content and the image of your site is going to leave to the reader.


Design is the intermediate between our agency and the clients. Our pleasure is to design what your business needs. We are specialized on branding design, visual design, and responsive web design and information architecture.

Coding & Development

Our choice are WordPress and OpenCart. We like them we know every sloppy corner of them and we can heavily modify them if needed. We strive for the outcome to exceed every expectation. But when the design has finished and while the content and data start to be imported our tester is in charge. We run tests for every element that can be tested.

Product Launch

When the development is done, we are ready to launch the website and we await for the customer's review

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